Friday, December 3, 2010

Two for One

I'm going to cheat today and add two pictures.  I figure eventually it will even out when I forget to post one day.

The first picture I actually took yesterday...

The fireplace, for me, is the most cherished decorating spot.  Not because it looks fantastic, but because it's where dreams and warmth and family meet.  This year my youngest decided she needed to write Santa a very detailed list of what she desires.  See all of those pieces of paper? That's her message to Santa.  I, of course, can't read them.  But I know that in the end it doesn't really matter what they say, that in the end what matters is that the little hand that penned them hasn't lost her sense of wonder.  That inside that soul that has aged so much faster then her body, there remains a little girl who still gets to be little.

This next picture, I took today...

I can't tell you how many times this happens.  I don't intend for it to happen, but chances are, if I have groceries in my car, something is going to fall out.  I left the bag there so I could take inside what I already had in my hands.  When I came back to get it I noticed the butter was missing.  It had been snatched by a very opportunistic dog.  I wish I had had my camera when I looked over and saw the dog with a huge block of butter in her mouth.  Maybe she was just trying to help me clean up.  Life is funny like this though.  We pack everything in, prepare for a smooth ride, ensure that we are doing EVERYTHING we can to keep everything in it's place, and then a door opens and something falls out.  Sometimes we are able to pick up everything before anyone notices, sometimes part of whatever fell out of us is stolen and we have to fight hard to have it returned, and then other times what falls out is broken so badly that we have to replace it with something else.  It's our willingness to do the work to get everything cleaned up (and to throw out and replace the things that are damaged beyond repair) that make the difference.  And it's important too, that we let ourselves laugh when the dog runs away with the butter.

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