Friday, December 17, 2010


It's almost midnight and about 20 minutes ago I realized I hadn't yet taken a picture today, or even thought about posting a blog.  I've been wrapped up in a few personal things.  In trying to figure out what picture I should post I went through a few ideas... I was going to post a youtube video or an old picture and add some words as to why I can justify it not being a picture from today.  But then I figured if I did that then it was sort of negating the whole point of the 365 idea.  So now we are left with the above shot.  I feel like I need to point out that my lips are not that thin.  I was actually biting on my lip.  When I took the picture I wanted to specifically capture what I've been doing over the last few days... which is reading.  I have had to do some fact finding and learning about two specific topics which are taking some concentration (which is hard to come by these days).  And, evidently, this is how I look when I am reading intently.  So... there...  Now go read something of importance, other then this blog, and take a picture of yourself.

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