Sunday, December 5, 2010


I spent a while being really angry at God.  I didn't think He was upholding His side of the plan.  You see, from the time I was a little girl I knew I would be a mama.  And when I got married God told me I would have three children.  My first pregnancy was riddled with complications which resulted in bedrest starting at 5 months.  Then 4 months post partum I ended up pregnant with my second child.  That pregnancy wasn't easy either, and 3 months in I found myself again on bedrest.  When all was said and done I was told that more pregnancies were out of the question for me.  It just wasn't safe.  This sent me into a really long and hard depression.  I was sure God had slighted me, that He hadn't held true to his promise.  Then I found myself in the position to adopt a child.  God hadn't failed me.

Three towels... three coats...three stocking... three kids.  Three reminders that God keeps His word.

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