Monday, January 10, 2011

Milk in a Fridge

There is this interesting phenomena that happens whenever certain types of weather are being predicted.  It happened when we lived in Florida.  When preparing for hurricanes and the such we had to stock up on water, batteries, canned goods and other emergency staples.  Living up in the north we make sure to have eggs, milk and bread in the house when the possibility of massive snowfall is reported.  In both cases there are people at the extreme who stock up on supplies as if the result of the impending forecast will mean they are going to be stuck in their homes with no way out for a long period of time.  What is interesting is that the reality of being unable to go out and get important essentials past a few days is actually quite rare.  Yet we still react.

I went to the grocery store today, not with the purpose of stocking up on anything important.  I actually just wanted to make sure I had food for the kids in case the snow equaled no school, and I didn't want to deal with the massive amounts of people feeding into storm hysteria tomorrow.  What's funny though is that I ended up being one of those people.  I purchased 3 gallons of milk on Saturday.  That's my typical weekly amount.  But then I went to the store today and was thinking about the fact that it was cold, and snow was coming, and bought 3 more gallons of milk.  When I got home and opened the outside fridge and saw the milk from Saturday I realized I now have 6 gallons of milk in the house.  That's 1 gallon more then the number of people who live here. 

So bring on the snow.  If nothing else we will come out of it with stronger bones.

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