Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Big Picture

Here is a hard fact I have learned.  If God ain't ready, ain't nobody ready.  You get that?  If God is not ready to change the situation, then it's not going to change.  Ok you say, what about my wife's drinking, my children's health,or my friend's abusive husband?  Let me tell you a little secret.  GOD KNOWS ABOUT THAT.. and whether you realize it or not, He's on it. The problem is that we tend to like things to happen yesterday.  We live in a world where we can have pretty much anything we want, and right away.  It's hard to wait in a culture where delayed gratification is a concept but not a reality.  God doesn't work like that though.  He sees a much bigger picture, something that we aren't privy to, and truth be told I am thankful for that.

I'll tell you something about myself.  I am a mom to three kids.  Each of those children is special needs in their own right.  My oldest is Autistic, my middle child is gifted, and my youngest suffers from the mistakes of her birth parents.  You can't even imagine the things in their lives I wish could be changed, or different.  As their mom I don't want them to suffer, or have pain, or experience any of the stuff that makes life hurt.  And I have fought hard to keep them safe and sound.  But they also have a Heavenly Father who loves them SO much more then I ever could.  He never makes mistakes and He fights for them with intense passion.  I've seen how each of my childrens' hard times have shaped them, and the people around them.  I've seen light shine from darkness.  And even though there have been some things I've had to experience with them that have rocked me to my core, I trust in God's promise that He will deliver them, that He will guide them, and that He will make good from bad.  And when He is ready to put everything into place, what results is so much more amazing then you could ever dream.

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